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The Majestic Hippie

Life is a beach... Fast Cars, Guitars, Bars, Stars, and Battle Scars...

¸¸.•´¯`•. Jagged Guitar•:*¨¨*:•. ¸¸
15 June
I play guitar, sing, write songs, poetry & short stories
I play pool as good as any amateur -
I make some really nice things from wood -
I repair pool cues for the A.P.A. (American poolplayers Association)
I make custom pool cues
I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade - Cal-Poly-Pomona - Grad

I am not pessimist nor a pacifist ~
I am an optimist, a wanderer, and a wonderer ~

THIS is our time, it's our world, and we have the power to make our part of our world any way we want it to be... All we have to do is stand up with one voice - together.

I choose to fill my world with love, friendship, and try to find as many solutions as I am able to with the help of those that are willing to find them ~

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